Importance of Parent Teacher Collaboration

Parent Teacher collaboration is key to the success of the children performance. The performance that we meant here is not only academic performance, their ability to become more self expressive,...

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Combining Fun & Education with STEM

Robotics in schools is a program by Bluewings, for the students that simulates tender minds to engage themselves with the latest technology around them. We insist the student should play while they...

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Habit development

Habit Development

Small daily improvements lead to the development of a good habit. Because ~21 repetitions of any activity become a habit. So it’s good to develop good habits in kids and make it a daily...

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Closer Collaboration

A Closer Collaboration

Why do we need a closer collaboration between teachers and parents ? The teacher is teaching the whole class but students deliver different performance. Where exactly is the problem ? Similarly, Books...

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Happy Parenting

The Next Level of Parenting

The role of parents in their children’s learning and education evolves as their kid grows. But is that in a right way ?  The real parenting happens when you identify and promote the hidden calibers...

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