Transforming Education Management

Transforming Educational Institution Management and Collaboration with our Comprehensive Mobile, Web, and Cloud-Based Platform

Bluewings Educational ERP for Schools and Colleges Available in mobile application and web application
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One Platform, Connected Everyone: Bluewings Manages Your Entire Institution

Revolutionize school communication and operations with a single, powerful solution. Bluewings™ is a mobile & cloud-based education management system designed to streamline collaboration between:


Enhance communication and workflow efficiency.


Stay informed and connected to their child's progress.


Access resources and stay engaged in their learning journey.


Manage all aspects of the school effectively.

Why Bluewings?

Bluewings empowers your institution with a comprehensive suite of tools to:

Simplify communication across all user groups.
Streamline student management with attendance, grades, and progress reports.
Boost staff productivity with automated tasks and workflows.
Real-time updates and secure cloud access ensure everyone stays informed and connected, anytime, anywhere.
Manage all aspects from scheduling to finances in one place.
Bluewing is your one-stop solution for a more efficient and collaborative institutional environment.

Core Features & Functionalities

Bluewings™ is a powerful mobile & cloud based platform enabling complete school management capabilities into a single application.


Communicate with parents of specific student.


Mark / View attendance of the class. Get Daily/Weekly/Monthly attendance detail.

Digital Diary

Publish daily homeworks & notes for various subjects in specific class.


Send important broadcast messages to all parents.


View class timetable. No chaos, No confusion


Share Class Activities at Class / Institution level.

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Get important broadcast messages from Institution.

Fees Payment

Get Fees Details of your kid. Pay via Mobile Payment Gateway.

Digital Diary

Get Daily Homework / Notes. Never miss homework even when your kids are absent.


Communicate with teachers of the class.


View attendance of your kid on Daily / Weekly /Monthly.


Know current activities in the class. Express with Like / Comment.

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Bluewings™ is a powerful mobile & cloud based platform enabling complete school management capabilities into a single application.

Mobile and Cloud
Mobile & cloud

No inhouse softwares installations or servers required. People can simply use it on their mobile phones.

Easy Collabration Bluewings Education software
Easy Collaboration

Every member of organization can collaborate and effectively utilize Bluewings.

Save Time Bluewings Education software
Saves Time

No inhouse softwares installations or servers required. People can simply use it on their mobile phones.

Increase Productivity Bluewings Education software
Increases productivity

Bluewings cuts down time wasted in manual tracking and coordination thus increasing productivity.

Secure and Reliable Bluewings Education software
Secure and private

School’s data is secure and private to their organization. All data is encrypted and saved in the cloud.

Payment Integration Bluewings Education software
Mobile fees payment

Fees collections happen on time. Operational efforts reduce as Parents pay online.

Work Offline Bluewings Education software
Works Offline

Enables users to read, compose messages or homework's even when no internet. They shall be sent when you’re back online.

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Educational management streamlines operations, allowing educators to focus on personalized learning and fostering a quality educational environment.

Bluewings offers a mobile & cloud-based platform for efficient fees payment, communication, attendance, reports, and more, empowering institutions to deliver a better educational experience.

Yes, Bluewings generates customized reports and analytics to give insightful data on student performance.

Our software simplifies student enrollment and registration with a user-friendly interface.

Bluewings scales to fit the needs of both small and large institutions.

We offer comprehensive customer support via multiple channels. Contact us for assistance through our website.