Habit Development

Small daily improvements lead to the development of a good habit. Because ~21 repetitions of any activity become a habit.

habit development

So it’s good to develop good habits in kids and make it a daily routine.

Nowadays, students tend to study only at the last minute. This may drive to develop an attitude to do any work only at the last minute. It could impact them when study increases or in their professional life, which requires more discipline to do systematic hard work.

Also, some kids have a tendency to disobey their parents in their teenage itself. This may develop a habit of not listening to anyone. It could impact them in their careers for not aligning with goals and mission of the organization and miss out bigger opportunities.

Students who study regularly and consistently pass with good marks & their consistent practice for studying & reading becomes a good habit.

Bluewings helps in forming a habit of consistent studies at home. This is achieved by

  • Involving parents in students work at home
  • Assigning work to get done at home from students
  • Taking ownership and informing teachers for the completed tasks &
  • Keeping teachers informed about the work completed
  • Repeating month after month and year after year to form a habit.

So a good habit development is important for every kid.