A Closer Collaboration

Why do we need a closer collaboration between teachers and parents ?

The teacher is teaching the whole class but students deliver different performance.

Where exactly is the problem ?

Similarly, Books of all students in a class are same, Homeworks are same, Instructions are same but how performance varies from students to students.

Why these much of excuses ?

Yeah, of course, each child is different, culture is different but ultimately all these are just excuses…

habit development

Performance is directly related to practice and practice creates consistent results.

So, the student who studies regularly and consistently pass with good marks and their consistent practice for studying  and reading becomes a good habit.

How can both parents and teachers, engage and help children in their studies ?

Ya, Bluewings is here to help.

Bluewings help parents to come closer to their kid’s school and their class activities. Parents will get real-time updates about what is going on in their classes. Parents will get notified when new homework is assigned or a diary note is created.

Parents can communicate directly with their kid’s teachers through the app. So the parents will get updates about their learning process.

So it’s necessary to have a closer collaboration between teachers and parents !!