Combining Fun & Education with STEM

Robotics in schools is a program by Bluewings, for the students that simulates tender minds to engage themselves with the latest technology around them.

We insist the student should play while they learn. The idea of bringing down robotics, to the consent of school students, and thus letting them run wild with practical application of mechanics & electrical classes.

STEM Bluewings ERP for schools and colleges


STEM education focuses on the awareness of the STEM fields and occupations. This initial step provides standards-based structured inquiry-based and real world problem-based learning, connecting all four of the STEM subjects.

Through STEM our goal is to pique students’ interest into them wanting to pursue the courses, not because they have to. There is also an emphasis placed on bridging in-school and out-of-school STEM learning opportunities.

“A Positive Parent-Teacher relationship helps your child feel good about school and be successful in school” -Diane Levin, Well known Educationist