Importance of Parent Teacher collaboration

Parent Teacher collaboration is key to the success of the children performance. The performance that we meant here is not only academic performance, their ability to become more self expressive, improve students behavior at school, higher self confidence, and attitude towards going school regularly.

Collaboration between Parent and Teacher

Collaboration should be positive and meaningful conversation between Parent & Teacher, It’s helps solving problems that needs attention and correct course of action to empower students. Children spent 6-7 hours at school, and remaining hours at home. They are trained by Teacher at school, and Parents at home hence bridge is required between Parent & Teacher. Once their relationship is strengthened, they can share the focus areas for the child and give focus & attention.Children should not the feel that they are in two different environment, Hence the collaboration plays very vital role.

“A Positive Parent-Teacher relationship helps your child feel good about school and be successful in school” -Diane Levin, Well known Educationist

Parents are delighted to get regular updates about their Child interactions and activities performed in school. If you have medium to collaborate and get their best moments of their child then they would be more motivating factor to focus on their child’s academic and extra curricular activities. Timely communication is also play major role in Parenting. If the parents know that they need to give special attention to their child then they can plan their time ahead and give their attention. Collaboration leads to Pro-active Approach rather than reactive.

Bluewings emphasise more on collaboration / partnership between Parent & Teacher in many ways. It strengthen their relationship, enables positive and meaningful communication between Parents and Teacher.